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Friday, 21 July 2017

Catching up...

Been playing with different kind of layering stamp...
 where you use red yellow and blue to overlap.
 Then I just  switched blue for black...
 because I could lol

Next I needed to make a wedding card for Hubby's work (A4 s room for all to sign)

 and that got me wanting to make a mixed media piece...
 so I took an mdf heart , painted it white...
 covered it with yummy romantic paper...
 collected some ephemera pieces...
 which I glued on with Matt medium...
 before heat embossing with silver powder.
I had a key die that matched the ribbon!!! 
Cut 2 and heat embossed with silver again.
Project looking awesome...
bedroom not so much bwahahahaha :D
*and yes I do have to clear it all up before bed time*

Since then I have also been working on 2 mini Faerie dolls
*by mini I mean 12" lol*
Cora and Agatha.

Enjoy :D XXX

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Losing track...

Sorry for being away so long again.
Youngest Manthing has finished college for the Summer,
eldest Manthing has been moving house 
and we have his dog still
 (easier for both of them while stuff gets carted about).
And Hubby???
Well he worked 5am Friday til 2am Saturday
(covering a charity event in one of their buildings)...
Went to help eldest move heavy stuff from 9am Sat til 5.30pm...
before driving me to an event for 8pm Sat and picking me up again at 1am Sunday.
All day Sunday helping eldest put gate up etc, home at last 5pm Sunday
*too tired to take a shower bless*

Artwise, I've been doll making*surprise!!!*
Recipient has seen her now so I can share
meet Sally
who will be off to Sunny Oz this week :D

I've also just started work on a Fabric journal page for 
a group I'm in *don't think I've shared any of these here*
so I thought I'd share the ones I've worked on so far.

 All totally different...
 as some participants have specific themes...
 while others just want backgrounds to work 
on themselves later.
 and this one is currently "in progress"

So that's me up to now...
losing track of the days
 as per every Summer lol

Enjoy XXX

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Alive and kicking...

Sorry...I am still here lol
Hubby came home last week with 
"Can you make a card for colleague...he likes cooking and Rabbits...*
(3 days notice)
 "...and one for a female colleague...don't need that til friday"
(both A4 plus so room for everyone to sign)
and also a special wedding card for next week!!!

We have been blessed this year with a continuous crop
of fruits from the garden... 

 which is looking particularly lush this year :D

AND I am doll making!!!
So this busy Bee will just keep buzzing through :D

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Heading out West!

As promised...
names in hat and hubby selected...
 to be Rosa's companion :D
 To say Rosa was trilled would be an understatement.
She insisted on supervising the creation of her
"travelling box".
 She happily lay on the card to make a template...
 and tried it out for size.
But she was not happy about a "white as snow"bed.
*should have known under the circumstances*
 So for the lid we decorated with pinky red roses
 using layering stamps...
 and inks to match Rosa's dress.
 She is much happier now lol...
 She also asked for a special "rose scented" travel pillow :D
 And is now snug and warm, dreaming of a life "out West"

Enjoy :D XXX